Jason L Schwarte

Financial Representative


After graduating from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in marketing and management in 1992, my career in retail management began at Menards in Des Moines, IA. I was able to use my business and relationship building skills to develop a fine staff and a good book of business at each of the six locations that I would work at the next 10 years. Each time that I would be given a new assignment, however, I felt that I was leaving behind the co-workers and clients that I had worked so hard to build a relationship with. I also had reseverations that my lifes work might not be meaningfull enough to me when I look back on it many years from now. I was providing a good income for my family, but was that enough? Was there a career out there that would provide me with the challange that I need, the relationship building that I crave, the roots I wish to establish for my community and family, and still provide the financial security for my own family?Little did I know that my answer would be revealed while looking at my own financial plan. I had always been a good saver. (My wife says cheap but I say frugal.) I had my own program for saving for the future, but I always wondered if I was informed of all the different opportunities available and was making the right choices. I needed to be educated on choices. I was intelligent enough to make the decision on the final program. But how can someone working 55-65 hours a week possibly devote the time to educate himself/herself? The answer is to trust someone to help me. The answer was the easy part however. Finding that person would prove to be the bigger challenge.Seeing the need that existed for trustworthy, honest, hardworking, individuals in the insurance and financial services industry, led to the calling that I have answered. I consider this to be the last job I'll ever have. My clients enjoy working with me because they know that the reccomendations I give are the same as the actions I would take if in their situation. They also like to know that I am dedicated to my profession and they won't need to get a new agent every few years. My values reflect my clients and I always put their needs first.My "quiet conversations" have helped many families so far, and I look forward to having one with you soon.


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